Affordable wig best quality- 100% Brazilian virgin human

Install this affordable wig best quality- 100% Brazilian virgin human hair wig, high quality with baby hair around, bleached knots and natural hairline. The 12 inch is above your shoulder. 140.00 for 20 inches

Bleaching the Lace front wig, it goes back 13 x 6 inches it comes with combs and an adjustable strap. The construction of the wig goes from ear to ear this will make for a real good application. WIG CAP- Medium cap available with adjustable strap

Alternatives to bleaching the hair would be liquid foundation spray tan. You can use these methods if you do not trust yourself bleaching. The cons to not bleaching are that you’re not going to give you the same permanent illusion of a scalp. But it is going to be a little temporary going to have to apply it after you wash.

For the bleaching start with a 40-volume developer and lightening powder and just make a nice consistency the cover up this amount of lace. Use about a scoop and a half and I like my consistency to be a little like sour cream very (slightly creamy) but not runny so they run into the lace. Let that sit for 5-10 minutes then rinse off that we’d like to use lukewarm water.

Please you guys, when you are rinsing out bleach used in neutralizing shampoo! Some may say that it is not necessary but it’s better to invest money on it, Using just shampoo may ruin the wig. Bleaching in your knots are perfect so you got that down. This unit did come with a pre-plucked hairline, you do not have to go in furthermore. A lot of you guys say oh! You got to do all that work just to put on a wig!

No, now you can wear the wig straight out the pack, but you may also customize it to make it to achieve any desired look wanted. I like to do a really long steep part it’s going to give off a really natural appearance so that it doesn’t go straight back into the West I like the curve it.

How to cut off lace

Cutting the lace in slow motion and not in a straight line for a natural look. Be sure to take your time hold it down and try to get as close as possible to the actual hairline. I cut in quadrants or sections.

I installed on an elastic band to kind of keep it down if you do have a big head or a lot of hair this is going to be a nice comfortable feel. I did not use glue for the You are able to just apply the wig. Again this unit is in 20 inches and the density of this one is 150% – 150%.

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