Lace Front Wigs are Booming Right Now

Lace front wigs are booming right now for men and for women. The lace front is an amazing way to have a versatile style without having to blend your type of hair to whichever blend of hair you desire from Yacky to Malaysian. With lace front wigs you may achieve any desired look you can dream up. And for the many days that you just do not feel like doing your hair the lace wig will be your best friend.

5 Things to Keep in Mind

If you do not have an experience lace front installments, getting a wig can be full of mistakes as well as a tedious adventure. Here are some things to look for when looking for a wig, this will also help you avoid things that will make you hate using and buying a lace front wig. Think about these things before you buy a lace front wig or any wig.

Right Price

Finding the right place to buy  an affordable and well invested lace front wig. There are important key points when buying  lace front wigs or wigs in general. Be mindful that the right price should not be too high but not too cheap either.

Water Care

Try not to wear a wig straight from the package. Many wigs are bleached at the knots. Some of the wigs have black knots on them, this can become a highlight that you are wearing a wig. You can wash the wig before you begin to wear it. This will also confirm the quality of the hair. Don’t wear the Lace wig forever this is not hair that is attached to your own head and so it does have an expiration date. That will depend on the amount of usage and upkeep.  Don’t wash them too much, for daily wear about 2 times a month should be fine. You will want to maintain the body of the wig to keep a natural look. Do not wash the wigs more than twice in any month, this can shorten the lifespan of your lace frontal wig and any wig in general. Steps to wash your lace front wig:

  • Wash your wig with shampoo . Then, comb the shampoo through this will help any tangles that form.  Wash in a downward way do not bunch hair this will tangle the hair
  • Rinse the wig in clean and comb through.  Do this until the wig has 0 shampoo in it.
  • Do the same for conditioning the lace front
  • De-tangle your  with a wig brush
  • Air dry lace frontal wig

Heat Care

Many desired styles will require heat a great way to identify that the wig is Cheap and synthetic is buy heat. Cheaper wigs are  damaged from curling irons, flat irons and higher heat level blow dryers. .


A wig that is versatile is a wig that can achieve different looks in style. This can be nice having a wig you do not want to look like a manikin. With some side and center parting along with a little brushing and a little pinning here and there. You should be able to achieve different styles. Of course, the better texture and different lengths will determine how many styles one can achieve.


Wigs can be placed on a mannequin head when not in use Unless your wig is sewn to your head you can wrap the hair into a bee hive if it is straight use a silk scarf. You can also style the hair on the mannequin head to make a quick put my wig on and go moments. Shoe boxes or lace front wig boxes that the wig comes in is also a great place.  Have a hair net or stocking  to put the wig in. Keeping your wigs in your bedroom closet is also a great place to keep wigs.


Buying a lace front wig is not as simple as 1,2,3 you must match the hair to your liking and personality. There will be a lot of fun to have with the different colors, styles, and lengths. All they while it becomes impossible to tell if that is your natural hair, which is the point! Even though you will wearing a wig daily. Keep in mind that you have God given hair under there. Be sure to touch and care for it. Even a plant needs water to grow!  Always wash you hair and if your hair is dry add so LOC leave in oil and cream. Remember to be mindful not to lose sight of who you are on the inside. Until next time.

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