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Product: Curly Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon @ 124.00

Length: 14 inches

Description: Dorosy Hair 150% Density Curly Lace Front Human Hair Wigs With Baby Hair Pre Plucked 13X6 Short Human Hair Bob Wigs Brazilian Remy by Dorosy Hair

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Amazon Prime lace front wig and loose curly this is the construction of their wig. It has six inches of party space from the very front to the crown and it does come with that free tweezed hair line and it is a frontal, so it goes from ear to ear. I bleach my knots, its Remy hair bleaching your knots is optional maybe use a 10 volume developer.

A Tip

if you guys do have textured hair after you wash it allows it to dry laying down working on the edges do use you’re foaming wrap mousse and apply that to the baby hairs and use like a little tooth brush just to create the style that you like. I do use small shears to cut the lace I believe the density on this one is only a 150% so it’s not as full. It’s finer and the density is light and natural-looking so for those of you guys who want a really natural look.

Natural looking

it looks very natural shiny it’s very soft again you guys this isn’t virgin hair and so when you’re dealing with Remy hair the curls bounce back very easily okay you just need a little of foaming rat mousse and you should be good but again the look of the hair it’s really giving me wet hair vibes okay so again this comes from the Dorosy.

check them out and let me know what you guys think so after wear curls do loosen up it looks a little finer and it’s a bit frizzy there is some matting at the nape but nothing to complain about.

Apply a little water and product it will bounce back, if you’d want your curls to be tighter wash

hair and allow to dry this wig is on the thinner side. This is a nice buy hope you guys like it. I do have the link to the hair. If you want to check it out for yourself.

Buying on a Budget

I am all about buying and wearing wigs but im on a budget. Amazon has wigs we can afford. There is no need to spend a million on hair when you do not have to. Place that money in other places with the money you will save by buying wigs on amazon. You can get that clean look that you desire from a natural wig and still have money to eat and pay rent! With amazon, you can get any wig you desire. Synthetic, human, and any textures like the ones we love, Remy Yaky and so on and so on.

Why Buy From Amazon

If you can buy from ali express, then surly you can buy from amazon. Prime members can take full advantage of 2 day and expressed shipping. The hair is nice quality, there is no need to buy overseas when amazon is right here!

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