Wisdom & a Wig

I can imagine the thoughts. What does a wig have in common wisdom? I am glad you asked. And the short answer is “W”, and did you know that the Egyptians used wigs and beeswax. Wigs have been a dominating industry from the beginning and wigs have been around for a long time. Wigs have truly made it down many lines of generations. I am going to be exploring the world of wigs and wisdom. I am going to be seeking wisdom through my journey! Join me as I unpack.

Now get wisdom the pressures of a wig. When it’s got to be glued and slayed, how do we see ourselves from a natural light? How many of us lose ourselves with the wig we portray? I remember when my offspring was about 5 or 4. I could never go a day without my weave. Only taking it down to wash, and after about 5 hours of being in the bathroom I’d come out a new woman. One day my offspring said to me. “Mom I want hair like your hair”. I looked at her thinking that she was silly to think this way. I said to her just as confident as my new weave. “Your hair is like mine”. It took me a while to realize that she was not able to identify herself with myself. And after thinking, and then being enlightened with wisdom, I knew that I wasn’t showing her the me that she could relate to. I never want to be so consumed that my offspring cannot relate with me. With that in mind when its being laid and slayed, make sure you’ve made time to be you. Even in a natural state.

How Are Lace Front Wig Made?

Lace fronts are wigs that have a lace piece along the front that are also attached to the front part of the wig. The hair strands are hand sewn in to the holes of the lace. The rest of the wig cap is made from a stronger material that will not tear as easily as the lace.

Virgin hair

is chemically unprocessed human hair, also known as Pure virgin hair, 100% pure. This hair has not been permed, colored treated, dyed, bleached, blow-dried, gone through any other chemical processing.

It comes from one single donor so each bundle you buy should from the same donors (the donor could be Indian, Malaysian, Brazilian, etc). With proper care this hair can last for up to a year

Remy hair

is slightly processed hair extensions that are completely natural in appearance. Mostly 98.99% of all human hair out there has been chemically treated in one form or another.

The Difference Between Lace Frontal & Lace Closure

Lace Frontal Closure are half wig installments that wrap from ear to ear. This lace is accompanied by about 3-4 bundles of hair that is attached by sewing the hair in. Wearing a lace frontal can allow you to achieve a styling options that a closure wont for an example you can wear a pulled back hairstyle.

Growing up with jokes like. “if you can’t grow it sew it”, If you don’t have it, plait it, if you can’t pursue it, glue it If you can’t achieve it, weave it. There is no wonder why women are compelled to have a baby haired laid, lace wig. So, why are lace front wigs better? A lace front wig covers all your hair, making the top and edges of the wig appears as natural as possible, but it’s got to be glued. I can tell you the truth after the installment of these wigs a woman cannot help but feel fearless.

But It’s Got to Be Glued Darling!

What is got to be glued? More women have convinced themselves that lace front wigs are a protective style for their hair. To some degree that may be the case. However, whenever glue is being applied to the hair line there is a risk of edges being pulled and skin being pulled.

The Proper Maintenance

Maintaining a lace front wig is like tending to your own hair. Wash and condition wig on a routinely. It is better to remove the wig for washing it nice to get your own hair its own washing. The wigs is like normal hair so you should be brushing and tending to it daily. Wrapping the hair of the wig in a circular motion into a honey comb with a silk cap before bed to wake up with bounce and body.

The most important care is the care of your natural hair. The hair underneath your wig needs extra attention.

If you notice skin issues stop using any of the extra stuff and go back to natural. Its not worth losing skin.

Learning Wisdom Under a Wig

Since the beginning of beauty and the general way of life wigs are here to stay. There are many ways to install a wig to your head. Men and woman take advantage of lace wigs, because it creates flawless edges all around. One thing to note of the wig installments, your look will change completely! Be mindful not to lose yourself in the look and have fun! until next time.


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